Contemporary Artists

Sample Topic : Anselm Kiefer

Ottawa Public Library Website
  • Go to the Ottawa Public Library site
  • Sign in – your password is your barcode on your library card and your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number
  • SCROLL down to bottom and click on “ONLINE RESOURCES”.
  • Choose an appropriate database.

Academic Onefile, Gold Reference Centre , Globe and Mail , Access Video on Demand are the most useful.

These databases accesses thousands of magazines and Journal articles FULL TEXT.
Note that the tools on the right hand side give you citation, email, print, bookmark options.

No password needed - GALE databases

Click on Academic Onefile

Google search
Look for reputable sites. These sites are often linked or sponsored by universities, museums, galleries, art critics.

Academic Integrity


Plagiarism is the theft of another author's words or ideas. If you have failed to document all sources of your direct quotation, paraphrases, or ideas used in your work which are taken from the work of other authors and are not general knowledge, you are taking a big risk with submitted work and your reputation

Please note:
We live in an age where access to information has been revolutionized and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the volume of material we can acquire. With this in mind, please be extremely cautious as you select and work with the research you have in front of you.

It is your full responsibility to be able to provide your teacher with all of your process work (including all web site addresses, printed material, and rough work) should it be required of you. This request may come at any stage even as your teacher is completing your final evaluation. Please print out your report periodically as you work and before you edit each stage. This will be your only ammunition if your teacher asks you to submit your process work.

Incorporating Quotations and Parenthetical Notation Quick Glance

Direct Quotations : Author’s exact words
Paraphrasing : Author’s idea but in your own words

Parenthetical Notation - This appears directly after your quotation (long or short) or paraphrasing. (Author's last name, page number or date if it is an internet site)
(Armstrong, 35)

Short Quotes (Less than 4 lines typed)

  • Use quotation marks.
  • Do not indent the quotation.
  • Integrate the quotation into the grammar of the sentence.

As Denise Winterman comments on the momentum of the “Glee Effect”, “The show'sblend of dark humour and high camp are a big part of its success, but the feel-good, serotonin-stirring songs belted out each week are also winning over even the most hardened critics.” (Winterman, 46)

Long Quotes (More than 4 lines typed)

  • Introduce the quotation with a colon (:).
  • Begin a new line (double space).
  • Single Space.
  • Do NOT use quotation marks.

As Denise Winterman speculates for BBC News: (New Line, double space,
indent, single space NO Quotation marks )

The irony is that glee actually began in Britain,
around the 1700s, according to historians.
Glee clubs remained popular until Victorian times,
when other styles of singing became more fashionable.
Back then "glee" referred to a specific form of unaccompanied
English part song - singing with two or more voice parts, with
one part carrying the melody - and were all male.his style
was adopted by America's first - and now oldest glee club,
formed by students at Harvard University in 1858.(Winterman, 56)

Electronic sources (Internet, Online Data bases) do not always provide page
numbers. In such cases, give author and date. (Winterman, Jan 22, 2010)

Bibliography Tips

1. Always organize your bibliography alphabetically by the author's last name.
2. Refer to Works Cited link on our wikispaces
3. Make sure that the web site you are using has an author or sponsor.
4. Always try to use a variety of types of sources.