Library Conference: Please hand this page in to Mme. Leduc with your STEP 2 submission.

March 1 Volunteers who are ready to go
March 8-10 See schedule at end – you are to quickly come down (one by one) to the library during period 1 – on your scheduled date

This is a quick chat to talk about your resources before you submit Step 2.
There are three goals for this conference:

1. All five preliminary sources must be scholarly (academic – as outlined in “Step 2” instructions), credible, current, and relevant to some aspect of what you will be handing in.

2. You must provide your sources and either show me highlighted areas or your notes which indicate how that source contributes to your research. Below is a checklist to remind you. Your bibliographic information must be available.

3. This conference is designed to make sure all group members have the same knowledge level about the topic and to identify unacceptable sources.

A. *Academic Article / Chapter Summary

Identify the author’s point of view on the topic.
Identify 2 of the arguments the author uses to justify his / her opinion

B. Argument Prosecution + Defence + Potential witness
Identify 1 argument for the Prosecution’s case - cannot be the same as the argument provided in section A, above.
Identify 1 argument for the Defence’s case – not the same as the argument provided in section A, above.
Identify 1 potential witness for either the Prosecution or the Defence.
Provide the credentials of this individual.
Provide 2 reasons why they would be a valid choice as witness to call to court.

C. Preliminary Bibliography

Provide a Bibliographic information available for all

15 Marks _ Ms. Morton

Mark will based on quality and relevance of sources.

Research Path : International Law

All your links for style guides, documentation guides, Ottawa Public Library databases etc. can be found on our wikispaces.

1. Ottawa Public Library Online – Databases

This is one of the most valuable sources – online databases. You can access scholarly journal articles. You will need your OPL library card barcode as your password and the last four digits of your phone number as your pin number.
Click on “Research Articles”
On the left, click on “Browse Databases by Format”

· Military and Intelligence Database (you’ll see that you will get various articles fro the “Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology)
· Criminal Justice Collection
· Academic OneFile
· MasterFile Premier
· e-library Canada

1. Google NATO and International Law and Iraq (biased) – but informative (credible) (not credible)


  • Google your topic with International Law
  • Always look for advertisements, errors in spelling and grammar, bias in the affiliation, author’s credentials
  • Find references to specialists and experts in journal articles and try googling them. For instance – Bombing of Kosovo and the article refers to (see Boris Kagarlitsky). If you Google him, you will get a number of his articles.

2. Google Timeline for Newspaper Articles

General Information (most are not scholarly – but will give you indications about various commentary throughout the world – during the time period in which your case was most topical

Click on “ Show Year” - left tab
Be specific in your search
3. Knowledge Ontario No password needed
4. Universities
1. U. Of Ottawa -
2. Carleton U. -
5. Books (our library and others) International Law – 341