SCH 4C – Major Research Project Ms. Corcoran
Lancer Library

As you are researching these particular topics, keep in mind that it is critical that your information is current and valid. Make sure your report addresses all five headings and that you choose reputable sources.

I. Lancer Library
On this page you will find links to various sites that will be useful in your research. Be sure to check dates of publications to ensure that time sensitive information is current. This site also includes a sample formats for report writing, parenthetical notation and documentation / works cited pages.

A. SWL Library Researcher- Finds books in our library. Enter keywords and search by subject, author, title, etc.
Be selective as our print resources are often dated, but we do have very current books on some of your topics.

B. Ottawa Public Library Online- This is a valuable source for free online databases. Use your library card and access hundreds of magazine and journal articles. Go to the Ottawa Public Library website (you will need your OPL library card barcode as your password and the last four digits of your phone number as the pin number) , click on “Online articles”
Browse databases by format (menu on left).

  • GreenFile (excellent),
  • Infotrac (Environmental Studies and Policy Collection) - see below for easy access
  • Academic OneFile
  • E-library Canada .
You might want to narrow your search using some of the key words in the assignment headings.
For example, “Acid Rain and chemical components”, “phosphate and nitrate and ground contamination”

C. Online databases- This links to Infotrac databases search engine where you can retrieve full text articles from magazines, newspapers, and academic journals.
Steps for using Infotrac
1. Enter trillium in the ID box
2. Click the continue box on the Gale Database page
3. Click Advanced Search on the yellow tabs at the top of the page
4. In the limit results section, click the to documents with full text box (this limits your research to sources where you can print the full article)
5. Enter your topic in the search boxes. Use entire document in the drop down menu to the right.
6. You can choose from Magazines, Academic Journals, Books, News, Multimedia using the tabs at the top of the results page.
You can use other tools on this page to narrow or refine your search. See the detailed example below.

D. Statistics Canada – This links to the Statistics Canada website where you can access statistical data. Access E-Stat on the website. If you are using a school computer, access is automatic. If you are using a home computer, the username is <ocdsb> and the password is <estat>.
For international data, the United Nations Statistical Division at is very useful.

E. Style Guides
On the Lancer Library site, scroll down to the bottom and you will find how to cite your sources.
The left side of the page has links to an assignment organizer, report writing, research guides and other useful links.
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Below is an example of some of the articles available full text from GreenFILE. You may want to use suggested subjects listed under each article for new searches
Result List: acid rain
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Results for: acid rain
Academic Journal
Uranium facilitated transport by water-dispersible colloids in field and soil columns.Citation Only Available By: Crançon, P.; Pili, E.; Charlet, L.. Science of the Total Environment, Apr2010, Vol. 408 Issue 9, p2118-2128, 11p; DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2010.01.061; (AN 48469505)
Subjects: URANIUM; SURFACE contamination; GROUNDWATER; WATER -- Pollution; CLAY soils; SOILS -- Humic acid content; MIGRATION; COLLOIDS
Steam versus coking coal and the //acid// //rain// programCitation Only Available By: Lange, Ian. Energy Policy, Mar2010, Vol. 38 Issue 3, p1251-1254, 4p; DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2009.11.045; (AN 47611750)
ACID rain -- Law & legislation; COAL-fired power plants; EMISSIONS trading; COKING coal; COAL; CARBONIZATION; UNITED States; UNITED States. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990; Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining; Bituminous Coal Underground Mining; ENVIRONMENTAL aspects; GOVERNMENT policy; SULFUR content; STEEL industry & trade -- Government policy; BITUMINOUS coal industry
10 STEPS to Avoid Air Fines.Full Text Available By: Davis, Bob. Pollution Engineering, Nov2009, Vol. 41 Issue 11, p18-20, 3p; (AN 44959929)
Subjects: AIR -- Pollution; UNITED States; UNITED States. Environmental Protection Agency; UNITED States. Environmental Protection Agency.
Acid Rain Division; Administration of Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management Programs; LAW & legislation; ELECTRONIC journals; WEB sites -- Access control
Washout/rainout contribution in wet deposition estimated by 0.5 mm precipitation sampling/analysis.Citation Only Available By: Aikawa, Masahide; Hiraki, Takatoshi. Atmospheric Environment, Oct2009, Vol. 43 Issue 32, p4935-4939, 5p; DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2009.07.057; (AN 44219548)
Experimental study of chemical treatment of coal fly ash to reduce the mobility of priority trace elements.Citation Only Available By: Bhattacharyya, Sidhartha; Donahoe, Rona J.; Patel, Dan. Fuel, Jul2009, Vol. 88 Issue 7, p1173-1184, 12p; DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2007.11.006; (AN 36972388)
Subjects: UNITED States; Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation; Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal; FLY ash -- Leaching; COAL-fired power plants; COAL -- Combustion; TRACE elements; HAZARDOUS wastes -- Stabilization; FERROUS sulfate
Analysis of cloud and precipitation chemistry at Whiteface Mountain, NYCitation Only Available By: Aleksic, Nenad; Roy, K.; Sistla, G.; Dukett, J.; Houck, N.; Casson, P.. Atmospheric Environment, Jun2009, Vol. 43 Issue 17, p2709-2716, 8p; DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2009.02.053; (AN 38911066)
ACID rain -- Environmental aspects; ACID rain; ATMOSPHERIC chemistry; SULFUR dioxide; WHITEFACE Mountain (N.Y.); NEW York (State); RESEARCH; IONS -- Research; ENVIRONMENTAL aspects
Thank you for making //acid// //rain//.Full Text Available By: Patriquin, Martin. Maclean's, 4/6/2009, Vol. 122 Issue 12, p22-22, 2/3p, 1 color; (AN 37575874)
Subjects: MONTREAL (Quebec); QUEBEC (Province); SULFUR dioxide -- Environmental aspects; GLOBAL warming; UNIVERSITE du Quebec (Montreal, Quebec); BLANCHET, Jean-Pierre
Sulfur dioxide initiates global climate change in four ways.Citation Only Available By: Ward, Peter L.. Thin Solid Films, Apr2009, Vol. 517 Issue 11, p3188-3203, 16p; DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2009.01.005; (AN 37227452)
Subjects: SULFUR dioxide -- Environmental aspects; CLIMATIC changes; VOLCANIC eruptions; GLOBAL warming;
ACID rain -- Environmental aspects; ATMOSPHERIC carbon dioxide; EXTINCTION (Biology); GLOBAL temperature changes