ENG 4U Summative
Ms. Morton, Ms. Landry
Choosing an appropriate novel for this assignment is crucial! This will have a significant impact on your final product. You are looking for a book which is interesting to read, has adequate depth, and has had enough longevity. Make sure to check if there are enough literary criticisms available on the author and the title.
SWL Library Resources
A. General Encyclopedia – can be a good starting point, but not acceptable for scholarly research.
B. Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC) – REF 809 CON
These books are in the reference section – 235 volumes. Look at the index in one of the later volumes and look for your author. It will give you the volume number and page number or the article you are looking for.
C. Literary Criticisms and books about authors 800, 810 , 820 Books in stacks – please look here as there may be entire collections of critical essays about your book.
On-line Research
WikiSpaces ( Sir Wil Library) You can navigate everywhere from this site. It also provides you with all the guides you will need for writing essays, parenthetical notations, works cited pages, etc. http://swllibrary.wikispaces.com/

Go to tinyurl.com./sirwilresearch

At home - you will need a password. It is TRILLIUM.

Click on Gale Resources : the best database for this ISU is Literature Resource Centre (scroll down - close to the bottom)

Ottawa Public Library Online: Ottawa Public Library Website : Connection to Electronic Databases https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/databases/search-all
Scholarly Articles and Journal Articles are available on these Databases and THEY ARE FREE. You can access them at school or at home and are much more reliable than the general internet.

The barcode on this card is your user name and your password is the last four digits of the phone number you provided on your application.
1. Go to the Ottawa Public Library site
2. Sign in on the right side. You will be asked for your library card number (bar
code on your card) and your password (your last four digits in your phone number.

3. Go to the bottom of the page and Click on “ON LINE RESOURCES”
4. You will have the choice of directly typing in your topic or you can “browse all featured online databases” to explore the different and interesting areas offered.

(check box for Full Text Only), Academic OneFile , General Reference Gold
Universities : U. Of Ottawa - http://www.biblio.uottawa.ca/index-e.phpCarleton U. - http://www.library.carleton.ca/ Your OPL card allows you access to another card which is valid at Ottawa U and Carleton U Libraries– you may use their databases if you go to their libraries!
CLC - Author Index on-line http://www.galenet.com/servlet/LitIndex/
MLA Style Guides - see SWL Wikispaces
Morton / Landry Conferencing in Library Name: ___
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Oral: Speaking to Communicate (Clarity and Coherence)

Reading: Reading for Meaning
*Gives only a brief overview of the novel and can only summarize the main plot of the novel

*Information is superficial
*Can discuss novel and demonstrate adequate understanding of themes, author’s purpose, and genre

*Speaks confidently about topics
*Presents an annotated bibliography
*discusses novel with confidence; demon- strates an in depth understanding of themes, characters author’s purpose, and genre
*answers questions confidently
*annotated bibliography is well done
*discusses novel with confidence; makes insightful comments of themes, characters, author’s purpose, genre, and able to discuss sources
*can discuss rationale for a possible focus for thesis
*answers questions confidently
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Developing Content (Research)
*not enough sources

*Some sources lack credibility

* Some sources are not scholarly
*Sources are mostly credible
* Sources are mostly scholarly
*3 literary criticisms

*2 sources about the author

*Sources are credible / scholarly and suitable
*3 literary criticisms

*2 sources about the author
*Excellent selection of sources
*All are credible and scholarly