Mr. Heneke, Ms. Schrum

Note: All Blog links will be posted on SWLrandomthoughts.Blogspot.comThese links will take you to all the blogs in your class as well as comments from your teachers, Ms. Morton, and other viewers. Always make sure that you are using proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure and review before you post
Novel Choice

You will be introduced to eight novels. Your job is to pick your 3 favorite books presented. In 1-2 paragraphs explain your first choice.

Based on your preferences and your paragraph explaining why, you will be assigned a book and placed into a literature circle group. Start reading!

Discussion Sessions
Your group will get together and discuss your book in four separate sessions. Each session will have a different topic to focus on.
Divide the novel into four equal parts and decide who will be the group leader for which session. As the group leader, you must facilitate a 15 minute discussion on the assigned section of the book. In addition, you must post, on your blog, 10 discussion questions (with answers).
Mr. Heneke (dates)
Session One: Setting Nov. 21
Session Two: Conflict Nov. 28
Session Three: Character Dec. 5
Session Four: Theme Dec. 12


Each group will create a communal blog that reflects your book. Include relevant images, quotations and photos. Make your blog visually appealing through creativity and design. Remember all postings must be appropriate. Each individual in the group must be an active contributor.

1. Allocate a section for each of you (with your name) so you can post your own entries

2. Create a discussion section where the whole group can comment, ask questions, and respond to each other. Each member posts at least 10 comments related to each other’s journal entries, posted review and article, or Discussion Session postings.
(Minimum 50 words)

3. Each group member must post 4 journal entries as you read the book. They can relate to any of the “questions or prompts” found at the end of this outline, or they can explore your reactions and ideas as you read the novel. (Minimum 300 words per journal)

4. As a group find and post a review (from a credible source) of the novel. Write a response to the review. Do you agree with it? Why or why not? How does it change/affect your reading of the novel? (Minimum 250 words)

Blogger website:

Visual Product and Presentation (5-10 minutes)
As a group you must make a visual product of professional quality that will be placed in the library to promote your novel.
This will be simply a pass or fail assessment. If it is not good enough to be put on display, it won't and you will fail as a group. You will be allowed to resubmit the assitnment if it fails on your first attempt.
Present your novel in a manner that convinces your audience to want to read the novel.

Each member of your group is expected to participate in all aspects of this assignment.

Be creative. Impress me!

In addition to the visual product, you will present your novel to the class. After the final Discussion Session discussing theme, choose the film that best represents this theme. During the presentation promote and teach about your novel and choice of film, Each group member must have an active role in the presentation.

Questions and Prompts
These are specific questions and prompts to consider while you read your book. You may use these to inspire your journal entries.

  • What effect does this book have on me? Does it excite me, confuse me, bore me? If so, why?
  • Does it remind me of other texts, movies, songs? T.V. shows? Why?
  • Are there words, references or background knowledge that I am not sure of?
  • How can I describe the mood or tone of the work?
  • What specifically causes that mood?
  • What are the major themes in your book? Themes can touch on relationships, society, politics, ethics, identity, etc.)
  • What is the book saying about life?
  • What part of life do you understand better, or see differently after reading the book?
  • What makes your book?
  • What are the social issues, historical issues, values and ethics that are explored in the book?

Examples of Blogs

English 2D Summative

Mr. Heneke, Ms. Schrum , Ms. Morton
Contains links to blogs from your class.
SWL Random Thoughts


Many people use a blog just to organize their own thoughts, while others command influential, worldwide audiences of thousands.

Make your BLOG

See Rubric for evaluation (end of this document)

Part A : Criteria for your Blog

Your postings MUST be appropriate for public consumption / and our school environment.

Your Blog should fulfill the following criteria:
Each group will create ONE communal blog.
  • This blog will reflect your book and each individual in the group must be active contributors.

  • Use images, quotations, photos, representations to highlight your book and make your blog visually appealing.

  • Allocate a section for each of you so you can post your in entries and create a discussion section where the whole group can comment, ask questions, and respond to each other.

What are you responsible for?

Individual Tasks
1. Facilitating a group discussion on a chosen topic. 10 discussion questions with answers. (posted on blog)
2. Four journal entries (posted on blog)
3. Novel Review response (posted on the blog)
4. At least 10 comments related to other postings on the blog

Group Tasks

  1. Blog
  2. Visual Product/Poster promoting novel
  3. Presentation of novel to class

Important dates are listed on your summative assignment hardcopy.


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Blog entries are sparse or incomplete
Almost all required blog complete
All blog entries are complete and address the prompts and questions

Contributions are regular
All blog entries are complete and address the prompts and questions

Contributions are regular and insightful
Intellectual Engagement with Key Concepts
Blog entries make little reference to readings or group discussions
Blog entries make some reference to readings and group discussions
Blog entries reflect readings and group discussions

Reflections are thoughtful and relevant.
Blog entries reflect readings and group discussions

Reflections are excellent insightful

Blog site is disorganized and little attention to detail

Spelling and grammatical errors detract from readibility
Blog site is organized, appealing

Spelling and grammatical errors
Blog design is organized, appealing, and creative

Some spelling and grammatical errors

All group entries are complete and well done
Blog design is well organized, appealing and creative
overall impact has originality and flair

Few errors (spelling grammar)

Excellent group entries