The Kite Runner English 3U Summative Social Justice / Social Issues
Ms. Younger-Lewis , Ms. Morton
Research Component
  1. 1. Your research should include a minimum of five reputable sources, credible authors or organizations, relevant information (current statistics, organization affiliations, obstacles and barriers, discrepancies or inconsistencies of information, media attention, future predictions)
  2. 2. You will be expected to provide your sources and (submit if asked) (THE ACTUAL SOURCES - NOT THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OR A LIST OF URLS) and submit an outline of your topic with research points (point form) under each heading. You may TAB your sources (in advance of your conference) on a laptop and show me them and provide me with all the links if I need them.
  3. 3. You must submit a properly formatted bibliography
  4. 4. You must include the following headings: If one or two do not specifically pertain to your topic, you must include a variation of the heading which fits.
Introduction: Background information / Depth of study/ Parameters of study (where and what exactly is your focus)?
General Information about topic and who is affected (which individuals, social class, groups etc)? Include current statistics, definitions, and noticeable patterns or cycles if applicable.
What is the cause of the problem or issue? Look at attitudes, traditions, customs and behavioral practices.
How has it progressed over time? Discuss the progress and the limitations and setbacks.
Who serves to protect, monitor, or works on behalf of your issue? Why should we care? Are there any celebrities who have personalized and/or popularized the cause?
Case Studies? These are helpful for your Photo Essay Presentation
What is working? What are possible solutions? Predict what the future will look like.
Connections to The Kite Runner
As you research, you should keep in mind the criteria for your Photo Essay Presentation.

  1. 5. This section will be assessed by Ms. Morton and you will discuss your topic in a brief conference. You will marked on the quality of your sources(10), your outline points(15), your knowledge about your topic (10), and your bibliography (5). TOTAL: 40 marks Due: _
1 2 3 4
Topic Suggestions: Global Perspective
You may choose any topic below or a topic which is not on the list subject to your teacher’s approval. You must write a brief proposal which indicates your topic, what makes your topic a social justice issue, your focus (what do you intend to research and the parameters of that research – ie. Current Day, Women in Afghanistan, Education. You may hand in your proposal at any time before the due date as topics in each class cannot be duplicated.
Proposal Due: __
General Topics (You will have to put very specific parameters on these topics so they become manageable)
Doctors without Borders, Street Children, Human Trafficking, International Justice, Women’s Status, Domestic Violence and Discrimination of Women International perspective, Children’s Rights, UNICEF, Education, Child Soldiers, Child Labour, United Nations Initiatives, Oppression of Women, Women’s Rights, Domestic Violence, Police Brutality, Social Services, Civil Unrest, Terrorism, Genocide, Humanitarian Aid, Incarceration, Cultural Property Theft (UNESCO), Export of Electronic Waste, Drug Trafficking, Syria and International Intervention, Honor Killings, Arranged Marriages, Illegal Immigration, Truth and Reconciliation : Indigenous Rights, Cultural Genocide, Hate Crimes, Technology and Genocide, Conflict Minerals, Online Extremism, Refugee Camps, Plight of Refugees, Terrorism, Counter Terrorism, Cyber Terrorism, North Korea etc.
Specific Topics (The Kite Runner)
Taliban, Afghan Culture, History of Afghanistan , Human Rights and Impact of Fundamentalism, Refugees and Resettlement, (choose any country), Refugee Camps, Internal Displacement, Social Castes, Religious and Language Sects, Kite Running and other Cultural Traditions, Women in Afghanistan